Saturday, March 1, 2014

Houston, Texas Our City, Our Future, Our Turn.


My Name is Vincent Duncan, and I am living the American Dream. Part of the benefit of living the American Dream is the responsibility of the Dream. Which Leads to the next question, Its not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. My Response is to Participate,Preserve and Pass on the the American Dream to the next generation. I will appear on the Ballot of the November 2014 election cycle as an Independent Candidate for United States Congress, the 18th Congressional District Of The United States Of American, Houston Texas. We are currently represented by the Honorable Mrs Shelia Jackson-Lee. I am very aware the Mrs Jackson-Lee and the Generation before us has opened countless doors and created numerous opportunities for myself and many many other Americans.Just as the Generation before them opened doors for them, and for this we are forever grateful. However at this time and moment in history we can hold open the doors for ourselves and the Generation to come.

 Responsibility      Just as a Parent passes on an inheritance to their children,as recipients of this inheritance it is incumbent on my generation, To protect and preserve and pass on this inheritance. This inheritance is the United States Of America and all that our country stands for, the foundation of our nations existence is Freedom,Independence and Democracy. The Responsibility of our Nations future lies directly on our shoulders, as the generation before us held opened the doors of Freedom, Independence and Democracy. We can now open the doors for ourselves our children  and the generation prior to us.

Case For Freedom

As an American I have had the opportunity to travel abroad and visit other Continents and Countries. Traveled to the African Continent visited Ethiopia, European Continent visited Holland, France,Germany,England, South American Continent visited Mexico, Australia , Canada and the Caribbean Islands of Jamaica and Turks and Cacaos. For as much as I have enjoyed my visits to these various countries, I have grown to appreciate the United States even more. When I consider the wisdom and absolute brilliance of our Nations founding fathers. The establishment of our Nations Constitution and Bill of Rights I am truly amazed and appreciative. Simply travelling past our Nations Boarders and realising that these things  that I have taken for granted  has preserved our Nations Freedom,Independence and Democracy in most places in the world  simply do not exist. The question that I asked myself and I will ask you, is America worth fighting for. Are the principals of Freedom,Independence and Democracy worth fighting for and protecting and preserving? My Father fought in World War II and as a teenager when America was attacked militarily or insulted verbally. His response to me was the United States Of America is the Greatest Country in the world and one day Vince You will see it for yourself. And yes I have and I've concluded that our Nation is the Greatest place in the world for me and millions and millions of others feel the same way. So my Answer is Yes our Nation Is Worth Fighting For.


Politically speaking what is the important component to Americas Democracy? The Answer is the People. Our Nations Founding fathers established a government of the People, for the People, by the People. Now this is the True essence of what it means to be the Representative Of the People simply put the role of the Congressman is to represent the People. Our nations Founders were very wise, they realized  that we were a very diverse Nation each District was different and had its own individual needs. So in the house Of Representatives is a person from that District that lives among the people and speaks for those people. Over the past few months our Nations Leaders seem to have lost their focus and the true meaning of, Of the People,For the People,By the People. Today they seem to be more focused on their parties Republican or Democratic. And Because of their inability to agree on matters of the People Our Government was Shut Down. It was not my fight or your fight but their fight maybe it is time they take their fight outside.

Over the years I contemplated which of our political parties is Best For The United States Of  America?. Is it the Republican or the Democratic Party, In many ways I think that they both have lots of positive values. However our Nations was founded on Political freedom, and it is this freedom of choice and ideas of such a diverse group of people that has lead America into becoming the Political, Economic super power that it is today. When the voices of many are heard and that participate in our Governments daily workings it has produced and incredibly intelligent and enthusiastic Democracy. And This Is The True Essence Of Freedom, we need not consolidate our freedoms but to expand them. Our Nations founding Fathers realised that Absolute power was corrupting and it would lead to futility or just not work.(Government Shutdown). Our country was established on a system of checks and balances with separate and independent  branches of government Executive, Legislative and Judicial governing bodies.The Fate and Future of our Nations success was not intended to be in the hands of the few but in the many. The Fate and Future rests in the hands of the many politically free and independent minded Americans to decide the direction our Nation will take. I have Concluded that I will run as an Independent Candidate, I will report directly to the Citizens of our City, State,and Nation. I will work for and with People of Congressional District 18 Houston, Texas. I will be there to Serve our Communities and our Collective Concerns, I will be the Servant not the Served. The needs of our communities, Cities, State and Nation are always my first and only concern. A man of the People, a man for the People, and a man elected by the People to serve the People. As an Independent Congressman I will work with both Democratic and republican Parties for the Betterment  of Our Nation.My loyalty is always to the Nation and its People,as an Independent I will have neither friend nor foe no past fights or history to cloud my Judgements. The good of the Nation is my Only Goal.

Political Platform

My Political Platform although very simple for me its very complete. I pledge allegiance to the People of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which we stand.One Nation Under God Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. To Protect and defend our Nation against Internal and External Threats. Protect, Defend and Enforce the U.S. Constitution and Our Bill Of Rights.

Environmental Standards
Ensure that we maintain environmental standards. It is very Important to protect our environment to ensure that we have clean air to breathe, Clean water to drink,Clean soil to Plant and grow our Nations crops. Work with environmental and industrial groups to ensure that we have healthy working relationships.

Economy and Job Growth
How can we grow our economy, How can we create new jobs, Where have all the good jobs gone?.These are questions that need answers,and it depends on who you ask. U.S. Jobs have been one of our leading exports. U.S jobs have been shipped all over the world too many countries and continents to name. For you to get a reasonable idea of just where our jobs have gone, take a look at the labels of the products that you are purchasing Made in ? Not the USA. In the past we had a few primary was to create new jobs entrepreneurship, inventions that have lead to manufacturing that have lead to creating the U.S. economy. Also Public financing has been a way to create new jobs such as City,State and Federal Jobs. In the past few years we have seen our Federal Government use  Federal Funding to stimulate private industry. For example both President Bush and President Obama have used funding to stimulate private industry. President Bush Funded the Troubled Asset Relief Program to fund the Banking Bailout, that cost U.S. tax payers over 700 Billion Dollars. According to a news team at Bloomberg news at one point last year the U.S. had Lent,Spent or Guaranteed as much as 12 Trillion dollars to rescue the economy. President Obama funded the U.S. Auto Industry Bailout to the tune of 80 Billion Dollars primarily to GM and Chrysler Automotive Companies. Although very costly it was very effective in helping to rescue both industries from an assured disaster or maybe the Auto Companies could have filed for bankruptcy protection and reorganized their debt. Just depends on who you ask. Simply we can start by taking back our Industries, Technology,Jobs back that we have given away. We have to ensure that we do not continue to do commerce with countries that do not recognize Intellectual property rights(U.S. Patents) To ensure positive growth in the U.S. economy we have to change our focus to the to the domestic economy. This has to be our true concern. Like many of you we have been reminded that we live in the Global Economy, now it is our turn to let our Leaders of Industry and State know that as Americans our primary concern is our own welfare. Our Future lies in a strong and Vibrant Domestic Economy and that we will make the decisions on what will not be made here in the USA.

The New Domestic American Economy

If the U.S Domestic Economy Is going to survive we are going to have to change the way business is done here inside the U.S. boarders. Today we are constantly reminded that we are living in Global Economy. Simply put American Companies and Corporations have lobbied our Federal Government to be able to sell their products and services all over the world business with no boarders. And the advocates of this system may have proof of Job Creation, our question should be where were these jobs created and how many of them were created to benefit the Domestic economy. As an American I have been able to travel to different countries all over the world. I have seen first hand that American Labor can Never compete with foreign labor cost, in some cases labor is as little as .50 cent to $5.00 per day. So as an American how can we compete with these prices, the answer is we can not. Please take into account that the U.S. economy is responsible for purchasing 80 percent of the Worlds goods and services. Going forward we will have to Restrict access to the U.S. market to foreign goods and services bound for our Nation. Simply put if Manufactures want access to markets they will have to make certain products here in the United States. Do you find it frustrating that the country that created Televisions and Cell Phones is not making them here in our Country, these are only a few examples. This is the only way to rebuild the U.S. economy and bring jobs back on shore. simply We have to change the laws and restrict access to our markets. In my travels I have seen first hand that made in the USA still means a lot all over the world. We have proved over and over that U.S. labor is very efficient and productive, Americans work more hours per week than any other labor force in the world. Recently both Mercedes Benz, BMW, KIA Motors, Toyota and Honda have been building car for the U.S. markets here in the USA this will have to be replicated over and over in various industries. Then and only then can we be assured that Americans for generations to come will be able to achieve the American Dream for themselves without competing with foreign labor here in our own country. We have to change the focus here in the U.S. and have companies and corporations hire American labor. Daily U.S. Companies and Corporations, Hospitals, Universities and others travel outside the U.S. to hire labor to compete with us on the domestic front. These Companies apply for a range of Labor Visas to Import labor to our country this also has contributed to the loss of millions and millions of American jobs. Today American Colleges and Universities are full of young and eager Americans students that have worked very hard, that can fill a wide array of jobs. As Americans We will have to insist that these companies invest in more on the job training to fill various positions. We have to end the practices that many of them have used to eliminate the hopes and dreams of many of the very own people that have bought the products and services that have made Tech and various companies very very Wealthy. So when I hear people say that there are jobs that Americans will not do, my reply is we have and will do whatever it takes. We still play Baseball many of the Worlds largest social networks and tech companies were created right here in the USA and if you want our Money and want to sell in our Country. You have to hire our people and build in our Nation. Made in American Sell In America.

Encourage Domestic Entrepreneurship

America is a Country Of The People For The People And By The People, it is time that we invest in our most precious resource the American People. Its time that we invest and encourage entrepreneurship in out local  Houston communities. Have you noticed that on nearly intersection and corners in the very communities that we live in Gas Stations opening by the day? Have you ever wondered how so many foreign people are gaining access to capital and funding to open new businesses?Given that  our entire Banking industry was rescued by President Bush using T.A.R.P funding to ensure that the banks remained solvent. It is time  that our Banking Industry remove invisible barriers to financing, for small businesses owned and operated by Americans here in the United States. These are just a few small example of what is happening on a larger scale Americans being put in back of the line here in the U.S..I would work closely with the banking industry to ensure that people here in the U.S. have access to funding to create the next new economy. I would work closely with Oil and Gas to ensure that the people that have lived for generations in these communities. That these new stations are being built in are capable owner operators and encourage ownership to reflect the people of those communities. Work closely with Corporate America to ensure that Developing Domestic Talent is the key to Americas future. Day after day i have read stories of other young Americans creating the new economy in their college dorm rooms,garages and kitchen tables. It is time that we encourage and support  entrepreneurship here in Houston. I would like to expand current federally funded programs that bring foreign people into the local to open businesses into Americas poorest communities,now its time that we become the beneficiaries of these programs as well. After all it is American money, why not help another American help his or her own own community.

Political Change

As citizens of The United States Of America its time we changed the Political Conversation, to shape a future Beneficial to ourselves and our children. Going forward we have to be consumed establishing a Political Climate not based on Two Ideologies. We have to establish that our mission is Domestic we realise that we live in an Global Economy but here inside the Boarders And Territories of the United States we are own Top Priority. We Have To Shape a future that provides a healthy, clean and sustainable Environment. We have establish our own plans for economic not dictated by global initiatives but our initiatives as our guiding light.As a Nation that purchases 80% percent of the worlds goods and services we can flex our economic muscle. I recently read in an  news article that if Americans only purchased exactly what they needed Food,Shelter,Clothing that the World Economy would collapse. Simply put we are an Economic Super Power,we Have to Change the Political Climate Here to Focus on our Domestic Future.

Vote Vince 2014

Beginning March 5th 2014 I will begin circulating my Petition to be added to the November 2014 Elections Ballot. My motivation for running for this office was very simple I was a witness as many of you were that our entire way of life was interrupted by the Government Shutdown In Washington DC.
In the Spring and Summer of 2012 I had the opportunity to live and work in our Nations Capital. At every opportunity I would visit the Washington Mall, there i was fascinated by the Lincoln and Dr King Memorials. The Lincoln Memorial Illustrates a story of a man burden by the responsibility of our nation and its future. Would the Nation dissolve? Would States Succeed? What of the future of America's Slaves? Civil War? This President had a Tremendous Burden, His Forethought and Wisdom produced the Nations Future. Dr King on the other hand is a man puzzled with possibilities of what could be? And man who Imagined and Dreamed of Future of the United States of America that all of its citizens would truly be complete and whole citizens. Dr Kings Imagination concluded that character was the Supreme element of a man and that he or she should only be Judged by that Character. And in an amazing way the Nation Agreed with Dr Kings Assessment and in November 2008 the Nation Elected  Barrack Obama President. With these precedents as my guide I took notice of things lacking in our Congressional District and that it was time that i got off the sidelines and into the Game. My reasons for running for this office is to make a positive impact in the Houston community,Politically,Environmentally,Economically,and Socially. As a person raised here in Houston,Texas I have a unique perspective on everyday life here in Houston. My father Geoffrey Allen fought in WWII at the wars end he returned to Houston and was employed at Armco steel, My Mother Curley Allen worked as a nurse at Lockwood Hospital and later at Deaton Hospital in Galena Park. I was among the first elementary school students to integrate schools in the late sixties. I went from Pleasantville to Oates to McReynolds Jr High to Wheatley Sr High. I have seen the city grow by leaps and bounds. With this experience I have have as a lifelong resident of this city. I have a true perspective of what it means to be A Representative of The People....I Live Here...

Thank You Houston.
Vincent Duncan

Contact Information. 713 252 2436 For Campaign Contribution Please Make Checks Payable To Vince Duncan For U.S. Congress Mailing Address 4007 Amoor Street Houston,Texas 77029 God Bless America Thank You. EIN is a available